The Little Red Train

The Little Red Train

Last Update: 11th January 2018

It is with regret that the Little Red Train is withdrawing its association with the London Transport Museum and the Acton Miniature Railway.
The LRT directors are of the opinion that the Museum has continually failed to protect the railway from vandalism, and it has been demoralising for them and other Volunteers to find all their hard work destroyed, and for the Museum to have no available record of these acts despite an extensive CCTV system and 24hr security guards on site. It seems to the directors that the Museum takes the work and efforts of its Volunteers for granted; this has certainly been evident in respect of the Acton Miniature Railway. It is also the opinion of the LRT directors, that the Museum has failed in its duty of care to the Volunteers, especially in relation to health and safety, fire safety, and training in manual handling (especially considering their failure to take seriously the need for better storage of the models so that the lifting of these heavy artefacts could be eliminated).
Furthermore, one of the Volunteers is applying to Appeal an erroneous Guilty verdict by a Jury (nothing to do with LRT, AMR or LTM), but the Museum's Director has deliberately published information to all LTM staff and volunteers that would allow easy identification of that person, causing him to be at great personal risk of danger through vigilante indifference.
The memo that vilified one of the Volunteers also brought the entire Acton Miniature Railway into disrepute, and therefore by association, the London Transport Museum was brought into disrepute (by the memo) also. To add insult to injury the LTM Director responsible is blaming us (LRT Directors) for his transgression in this respect, and we have been served lifelong bans from the LTM. His behaviour has been reported to the Information Commissioners' Office.
This is a very sad ending to what had been a very successful association.

Welcome to the Little Red Train website. The Little Red Train (LRT) is a miniature, London Underground, 1938 Stock, Tube Train. It is approximately 1/8th of full size and runs on 7" gauge track.

Built by Fred Blois in the mid 80s and bought in 2003 by Daniel and Adrian, it operates at the Acton Miniature Railway and occasionally visits other permanent miniature railways. Please see the Events Page to find out where and when to see the train running.

Also owned by Daniel and Adrian is the 'Ginny', a single car of District Railway 'G(23)' stock. Part-built by Fred, but completed by two LRT Friends, it requires more running-in and modifications to get it running fully.

To keep up with all of the latest news about both trains, please visit the News page.

If you want to find out more about the two trains; their history, technical details and the prototypes, please visit the 1938 Stock and Ginny pages.

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21.01.14 - News page updated with another photo from the overhaul work.
15.01.14 - News page updated with a progress report on the overhaul.

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